Tuesday, March 15, 2011

earth from above

once i had that pesky first blog post out of the way, it occurred to me that the next most difficult thing to figure out was how to add an image and hyperlinks.  so.....here goes:

i first saw this image when my dear friend else gave me a postcard of it.  she had seen it somewhere and it had made her think of me.  i held onto it, and years later, when i first began dating my husband he saw it on the tackboard in my studio and recognized it right away.

it's an aerial shot of the dyer's district of fez, morocco, where they dye using natural pigments and recipes which have been handed down for generations.  it comes from the 'earth from above' series by yann arthus-bertrand. the caption says that the "colouring is derived from natural pigments: poppy, indigo, saffron, date nuts and antimony, used to obtain red, blue, yellow, beige, and black, respectively."

mohssine recognized the photo because he was born and raised in morocco, in a city not far from fez.  i've only been to morocco once with him, but he still has a lot of family there so we plan to go back often.  i hope on our next trip we're able to go to fez and see this incredible place in person.

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