Saturday, March 26, 2011

in the meantime

the indigo vat is still bubbling away down there, so i've decided to let it do it's thing, and i'll attack on monday and start making it work.  for now, i thought i'd show you a picture of a little 'extra-curricular' project i just finished - this teeny little sweater for my nephew's first birthday.

the school i go to twice a week takes me almost an hour an a half to get to, so i use the time for knitting.  the colours here aren't dyed by me, it's spud and chloe yarn i bought when i was in chicago.  but it's funny, not only did i unwittingly choose the colours of the soccer team where my nephew lives in france, but i also just realised the other day that the colours are similar to ones i have in mind for a seperate, naturally dyed project i've had in my mind for a while - a project involving some indigo and madder. 

have a great weekend and i'll be back on monday with some actual dyeing.....

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  1. CUTE!!

    By the way, that throw that Erin has that you made, with the squares? It's amazing! I spent New Year's Day watching movies from under it and admiring it.