Sunday, March 20, 2011

moon over weekend

hope that everyone had a great weekend - mine was lovely.  kicked things off with and ombre and shibori workshop at the workroom on friday - it was a very colourful few hours.  then a cold war kids concert, birthday party for my favorite three year old, dinner out at frank's kitchen to celebrate our (first!) anniversary, and some time spent working on my essay about manet as the first modernist painter.

i did a three year textile program at an art school in british columbia, and we did spend some time studying textile history and western art history.  but in the years since that i've been working  in textiles for myself, i often found myself craving some purely intellectual activity.  so a few years ago, i started to very very slowly work on a degree in art history at york university.  i'm writing the manet essay for my current class on 19th century french art.

this time last year i was living in paris, and i would visit the musée d'orsay often, so i was pretty familiar with some of manet's work.  but i've discovered two new favorites that i had never seen before:

au conservatoire, 1879

chez le père lathuille, 1879

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