Friday, April 15, 2011

friday colour

i have been doing a lot of dyeing in the last two days, and have lots to show you all.  for now, here's a quick couple shots of those last two scarves, the ones i started way back herethe clamp-dyeing of these wasn't very successful, but while i had a bunch of pots going, i decided to do a little dip dyeing of the scarves i had set aside.  the first is my favorite, the whole thing was dyed in an osage bath, then i dipped parts of it into madder and cochineal baths.  the result is a lovely mix of yellow, orange and a kind of purply-pink.  i only wish my photography skills could do it justice.

the second one started out pink from cochineal, and i dipped part of it in another cochineal bath to make it darker, and another part of it in an iron modifier, to make it purple-ish.  it's very subtle, and perhaps hard to see in a photo, but it's a lovely range of pinks through purple.

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