Tuesday, April 26, 2011

growing colour

i received a small but exciting package in the mail today - the seeds that i had ordered for my dye garden this year.  i got them from richters, a great seed company here in ontario that specializes in herbs - they have tons of medicinal herbs as well as the dye ones which i ordered.

i grew some weld a few years ago, and was thrilled with the yellow colour that i helped create, literally from the ground up.  this year i decided to try a variety, including weld, coreopsis, golden marguerite, black hollyhock, dyer's broom and a few different kinds of indigo.  i think i'm already a bit late for starting the indigo seeds, but i'm going to give it a go anyways.

i always find myself realising that i'm too late for starting seeds indoors - so many things seem to call for being begun 4-8 weeks ahead of outdoor planting, and i seem to miss this (probably because at that time it's usually still snowing, and it's hard to even imagine gardening yet).  but this year i did manage to get some veggie seeds on the go, relatively early, and my studio window is delightfully full of little green sprouts right now. 

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