Tuesday, June 14, 2011

solar scarves in the shop!

after nicole posted some lovely photos of herself wearing the solar dyed scarf she won in my giveaway, a few of you wrote to ask if there were any more available.  so i've been bundling and waiting, bundling and waiting, and have just listed a few solar scarves in my shop.

the process requires a bit of patience, since the dyes are set with only the heat of the sun, and so need to be left to 'cook' for at least a week or so.  but it's so satisfying to open the bundles up for the big reveal.  as per usual, i don't feel like my photography skills do the colours and details in the patterns justice, but i'm working on it.....


  1. Whoever ends up with them is going to be happy indeed! They are one-of-a-kind beautiful!

  2. Hi Julie! These are so beautiful! I'm thinking of solar dyeing the cochineal silk piece I did in class with blueberries. I might fail, but thought would be fun to try it out!

  3. you should definitely try that may - it's true that you can't know what will happen, but that's part of the fun....