Wednesday, July 6, 2011

tips for charm city?

i keep meaning and keep forgetting to put a call out to you all.  i'm heading to baltimore this weekend for the buyer's market of american craft, and though i have apparently been there once when i was ten years old (for a blue jays vs. orioles game, back in the days the sindens used to bop all over the states for the blue jays???), i don't have much memory of itmy current picture of baltimore is a mix of john waters and the wire, which is obviously not very balanced.  a quick perusal of the design sponge guide and the city paper online has shown that there seems to be a lot of great stuff going on in baltimore, and i'm super stoked to go check some of it out.

anyone know baltimore well? anything i really should see/buy/eat/do?  a great neighbourhood to hit?  neighbourhoods to avoid?  any advice is much appreciated.  thanks team!

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  1. I was in Baltimore probably 10 yrs ago and visited the American Visionary Art Museum and it was fantastic! I also remember that there was a cool artsy neighborhood called Hampden, with a sweet shop named In Watermelon Sugar. We also visited a great bookstore called Normals and had some delicious vegan food at a place called The Yabba Pot. There are definitely areas you should avoid! Ask a local.