Friday, August 12, 2011

kitchen vignettes

my lovely and very talented housemate aube has recently started a food blog, called kitchen vignettes, which you really should go check out.  aube is not only an incredible cook and lover of all things food, but she's also a super talented filmmaker and photographer. (you may remember she helped me out here.)   her blog combines her two passions, and she has some wonderful video-recipes postedi absolutely adore the garlic scape pesto video, for the sheer beauty of it, but i also love the quiet hilarity of her most recent chicken soup video (in which you may spot a cameo by a familiar face). 

aube's name is.....well....aube, but she is often given the nickname aubergine, hence the title and header, and all the beautiful photos she's done of that particular purple plant, like these ones:

feeling pretty lucky to live in the house where all these recipes are being created.....

you should also check out this post by sweet carolanne, who has got some rockin japanese indigo plants going.  i'm sad to say that the indigo plants i started haven't faired nearly so well.  my garden is full of beautiful tomatoes and herbs, but alas, the dye plants haven't shot up alongside them.  i may try to start some indigo seeds indoors, using the tutorial carolanne mentions.  i know they need the heat of the summer, so it may not work, but i figure it can't hurt to try.....


  1. Aw, thanks Julie!! But really oh my gosh, I'm the lucky one in this co-habitation cuz I get to eat YOUR delicious and inspiring recipes all the time, and cakes, and yumminess. I love that our kitchen is so busy all the time! I basically feel like I've been blessed by a lucky star to have gotten to move in with you guys in this beautiful, creative, fun, and cosy home. And a hip hip hurray for blogging bloggersons! (and for internet on the train!)

  2. i planted three types of indigo in late spring and only the wild indigo has really amounted to anything much. I think of the true indigo only one seed germinated and the indian sounding named indigo ( sorry its label has washed off didn't do anything. I am going to try to bring them indoors in the fall to keep them going. Good news is though despite my lack of consistent care my mini vats are still going well.
    maybe a september weekend dye party at my place should be planned. The coreopsis is growing like wildfire.