Tuesday, April 12, 2011

beautiful montréal

spent the past weekend in montreal with my family, celebrating my dad's 60th birthday.  it's such a great city, and we had such wonderful weather, so we spent most of the time just wandering around, soaking it all in.  montreal has so much great architecture, in a style that is very different from toronto. 

on saturday we rented bikes and rode over to the quays and islands across from the main city port.  it was great to see the habitat 67 buildings up close.

 only in montreal do you find a store, right downtown, only one block from the big chain store shopping street, called simply "luthier".

speaking of chain stores, on a guilty pleasure note, i was pretty excited to see that a kusmi tea boutique just opened in montreal.  this time last year i was living in paris, and became slightly obsessed with kusmi tea, both because it's excellent tea, and also because i adore the tins the tea comes in.  i have quite a stash by now, and i use them to store all my buttons. just one more reason to love montreal.

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