Thursday, April 7, 2011

medina dreaming

so i know i've been quiet about my indigo vat, and that's because i've been having major trouble with it......still haven't been able to get it to a "living", dyeing state.  but i'm working on it.  meanwhile, everywhere i go i see deep blue things that inspire me - and especially colour combinations.  i love the dark blue/light yellow combo here:

this photo is from this home post and i've been kind of obsessed with it as it's the home of an american couple who own a handmade tile company in marrakesh.  my husband grew up in morocco, and last year we went there so that i could meet his extended family.  we took a little trip to marrakesh, as he had never been there either (he's from a city further north). while we were there we couldn't help fantasizing about buying a little place in marrakesh to go to (and bring our friends and family to) in winter.

the tile work in morocco is incredible, and everywhere. when we went to visit his grandma i instantly recognized the walls in her apartment from pictures i had seen of him as a child, since they're covered with beautiful mosaic tile.  

moroccan dreaming.....

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  1. i hope your indigo vat comes alive soon, maybe it is just waiting for some warmer weather