Monday, April 4, 2011

one of a kind weekend

this weekend was the spring one of a kind show here in toronto.  i've participated in the christmas version of the show for the past four years, but i don't do the spring show, mostly just because my hats are so winter-y and warm, and by april the last thing any torontonian wants to do is think about winter clothes (i for one am pretty much ready to burn my winter coat).

but i did head down to the show on friday to work in kessa's booth for a while so she could have a break.  kessa's line of children's wear is called patouche and every single thing she makes is not only ridiculously adorable, but also specifically designed to grow as your child does, so that they can get more than one season's wear out of it.  one of my favorite items of hers is this little red riding hood cape:

and for her spring collection she had a lovely little girl's poncho, similar to this but with lighter fabric and little sleeves with cuffs.  i wasn't smart enough to take a picture of it, but hopefully she'll listen to my pleading that i would really really like one in adult size.

spent some time chatting with arounna and bre, both of whom have taken my natural dye class at the workroom, and both of whom had some lovely naturally dyed scarves included in their spring collections, which was great to see.

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