Tuesday, May 24, 2011


thanks for the sweet comments about the scarves everyone.  i had a wonderful time experimenting with colours and shapes making them.

spent the weekend at the cottage, where the entire lawn was covered in a blanket of forget-me-nots.  i would never be able to choose a favorite flower, but forget-me-nots have captivated me since childhood.  i've always thought that the centre of them looks like it's embroidered, which i think has always spoken to the stitcher in me.

and.....the winner of my first little giveaway is.........nicole!  nicole, please write me at jusinden(at)gmail(dot)com, and let me know your snail mail details.  thanks so much!


  1. you couldn't have picked a more lovely winner in nicole
    those flowers are such perfect little souls

  2. OMIGOODNESS!!! i cannot tell you how excited I am!!!! I just did a dance in my living room (to the great astonishment of my husband)! Thank you so very much Julie. I am so thrilled, as this scarf beyond beautiful! I have just started my own natural dyeing journey (which is how I found your blog) and this incredible work of art will no doubt inspire me to continue down this lovely path. I will email you my details right now.

  3. Great photo- I love forget me nots too-
    Lovely to see you here- great blog lady!