Friday, May 27, 2011

more bundles

kind of obsessed with the solar dyed bundles right now.  i was really pleased with the results from the one i did at the workroom, so i put a few more together last week, and just opened them up yesterday.  i'm making a bunch of shibori scarves for a couple of my retailers, so i'm also going to put on some more bundles for them as well.

my favorite is this one, where i used some cochineal bugs that i had already used to make a dye extract with, some blackberries, and a little bit of osage.  i love the peach and purple together, and how a design is formed where the fabric was folded over on itself.

i did another one with blackberries which got all mouldy.  not exactly sell-able anymore, but the designs produced by the mould were actually quite beautiful, even if there's not really anything i can do with this one.

and finally there's with onion skins.  i like the way it turned out, but feel like it needs a little something more.  that's one of the things that i love about dyeing, is how you can continually add layers of colour (and texture) by overdyeing. i've had times where i was completely dissatisfied with the way something turned out, but then overdyed it to become a favorite.   i think i'll bundle this one back up with some more, new dyestuffs.


  1. Lovely results. I love the "lines" in the first one. The mould is cool too!

    Speaking of onion skins, have you seen what Jude Hill has done with hers:

    I love the idea of cutting shapes into the skin! So many possibilities...

  2. Looks great Julie! Some cochineal or madder with the onion skins one would probably bring be nice. Or! Logwood chips. Purple and gold? Winning combo.

  3. i love the results you are getting - very inspiring. i will have to try some wrapped bundles soon. oh and yes, nicole is right - jude's idea of cutting shapes opens up a new set of possibilities.