Saturday, September 24, 2011

making my way back

feels like it's been forever since i've been here - probably because it has been.  life gets pretty hectic for me in the fall, as the hats really take over my life.  i did two wholesale shows this summer, and now i'm in the thick of things - having to actually send out those orders.  the administration side of that is in itself a full time job, so keeping up with that, while actually having to make all the hats, well, it's keeping me busy.

but it's also such a great time of year for local dyestuffs, and i've snuck in a few dyeing moments over the past few weeks.  one of the most exciting things, for me, was a surprise visit from one of my art school teachers, coby, who was the woman who introduced me to natural dyeing.

coby lives in the kootenays, in bc, where i went to art school, but was in ontario to see family, and was keeping a 'journal' of her time here through dyeing.  each place or person she visited, she would gather some wild dyestuffs and bundle it all up in a small square of silk, sprinkle the silk with alum water, and bundle it all up.  she plans to create some sort of art piece with it when it's all done.

here is miss coby herself, bundling away on the deck at my cottage

and here are some of her bundles from some of her other spots along the way.  i love how they look like little cocoons of colour

and the bundle to be that represents her time with me in port ryerse - a very fitting one i think, as the property at the cottage is bordered by a huge trumpet vine (the red flowers) at the front, and an enormous, ancient black walnut tree (the green ball) at the back.

i myself did a bunch of bundling with my mom a few weeks ago - have been too busy to even unwrap them yet, but hopefully will do that this weekend, and will be back soon to show you the results.......


  1. what a cool idea to commemorate one's travels - and exciting packages to open when one gets home! great idea.

  2. An amazing travel "journal". How wonderful to have such an inspirational teacher.

    I can't wait to see your bundlings!