Thursday, January 26, 2012

bleu de lectoure

have been away from here for so long, but always thinking of you all, and meaning to get back.  when this landed in my inbox today, i felt like i needed to share it, and so here i am, and hopefully this can be the jumpstart to get back here more regularly.

got a message today from kathy hattori of botanical colours in seattle, a fabulous source of dyes, information and workshops on the west coast.  botanical colours is hosting a one day workshop with denise lambert, of the famed bleu de lectoure in france.  bleu de lectoure specialises in woad, and in revitalizing the craft, farming and industry of this beautiful dyestuff, which was once incredibly abundant in france and much of the rest of europe.

while seattle is a little too far for me to journey for a one day course, i wanted to spread the word to those of you who may live a little closer.  i think it would be an incredible opportunity to learn about woad dyeing from denise.  you can find details on the course on the botanical colours site, here.

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  1. welcome back Julie! Seattle is also just a tad too far for me!