Wednesday, February 15, 2012

pepper bread

been busy preparing to head to philadelphia tomorrow.  i'm participating in the buyer's market of amercian craft, a wonderful wholesale show that focuses on exclusively canadian or american handmade work.  though i did the show in baltimore in the summertime, the philly show is much bigger, so i'm a little nervous, but also quite excited about the possibilities that may be presented.

in the meantime, i wanted to share the most recent blog post of my roommate aube, who has a wonderful blog called kitchen vignettes, where she makes beautiful video recipes.  i always love her posts, but this one is a particular favorite, as it features a cameo by my trusty studio assistant, pepper.

you may also gather from the post that we are slightly obsessed with this bread at our house.  but it really is the most delicious, and so incredibly easy.  i actually even skip one of the steps that aube shows in the video, and instead of punching down the loaf on a floured board, i simply fold it over on itself a couple of times with a spatula.  which means not only less dishes, but great homemade bread, in about 10 minutes of active time (though the whole process does take more like 15 hours, it's true).  

anyways, just wanted to share pepper's star turn in the movies.  we're hoping it doesn't go to her head.  if you enjoyed that one, there is also this video, featuring our other favorite critter.

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