Monday, March 5, 2012

the great gatsby

i'm getting ready to do a new photo shoot of my hats, and have been looking through some photos and fashions from the 20's.  somehow this led me to a re-read of the great gatsby, and i ended up devouring it in just two days.  it really is a great book.

then of course i thought it was time for a re-watch of the movie as well - the classic 1974 version with robert redford and mia farrow.  despite the fact that everyone is incredibly sweaty throughout the entire movie, the costumes really are spectacular.

only about 5 minutes into the movie i had to google to figure out who the actor was playing tom, since i knew i knew him but couldn't figure it out.  of course it's bruce dern, who i know is a great actor, but i can no longer see as anyone but frank from big love - ew.

in the process of googling, i discovered that there's going to be a new version, by baz luhrmann, who i love.  i'm not sure how i feel about the choice of leonardo di caprio as gatsby, but casey mulligan as daisy and tobey maguire as nick both seem perfect.

i can't wait to see the costumes for this version - it's fascinating how the portrayal of period costumes changes depending on when the film is made.  i found this small sneak peek:

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